Alegia - Uribar green trail


Alegia - Uribar green trail

Itsasoko Alegia auzoko parkea eta frontoia

 1,8km     7m     30min

The green trail, from Alegia to Uribar, is paved and shaded, equipped with seats and a fountain, adapted for any type of functional diversity.

It runs along the Santa Lutzia or Argixao river, which is bordered by trees. The remains of the canal and the dam that serviced the Alegia mill are still visible.

On the other side, the view of the open fields of the Madura area is fabulous.

Once you cross the Epelde stream, you will find yourself in front of the 15th century historical and artistic heritage home-press of Uribar.

Itsasoko Alegia auzoko Uribar baserria