Itsaso - Kizkitza - Mandubia circular route


Mapa: Itsaso - Kizkitza - Mandubia circular route



 8,5km     355m     2h 30min

If you want to go directly from Itsaso to Kizkitza, you will first arrive at the Altzigarraga crossing after going past a water source.

Itsasoko Kizkitza baseliza

Once in Kizkitza, after enjoying its hermitage, lighthouse and beech forest, you can go down by Arrobia (1), continue by the nearby water source, visit the Mandubizelaia dolmen and finish at Mandubiko Benta bar-café-restaurant.

Mandubiko Benta (Itsaso)

On the way back, the route follows the GR-34 (Donostia-Arantzazu) and St James’ Way, for 3 km, passing through several historical points: the Iminarri crossroads (2), the Mendeun farmhouse, 16th century heritage, (3) and Mount Arrobizabal (4) to reach Urteaga (also wood-architecture heritage from the 16th century.

To close the circuit, at the Arrobizabal crossroads (4) you take towards Itsaso (following the old Arriaran-Itsaso road) and from Miraballes (5), you can enjoy the most beautiful view of Aizkorri.

This circuit allows you to choose the starting and ending points: in Itsaso, Mandubia or Urteaga, as well as doing only the part you want.

Itsasoko Mendeun baserria

Itsasoko Urteaga baserri ondarea

Itsasoko Miraballes baserria